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Completely out of left field Lytro Light Field camera
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I see where one can buy a Lytro Gen 1 light field camera for under $80 (US). Has anyone played with one of these (not wilt PhotoDirector though). .
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Hello Steve,

Interesting concept that! Some of the newer Panasonics e.g. G7, GX8 & FZ300 have a similar feature (though it's implemented differently).

Another member raised the question of processing in PhotoDirector, but it requires dedicated software.

For members unfamiliar with the camera/concept, photos are taken in such a way that focus can be reset in post processing (on your computer or device).

This page explains it well and contains an interactive example of how the focus area can be reset.

I've not had the chance to try any of these cameras myself, including the Lytro, but look forward to the opportunity.


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