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Can somebody diddle the hanoman.exe file, speeding up generation of shadow files ?
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Can someone knowledgable diddle the PDhanomanSvc.exe file to in crease the priority from "below normal" to a higher value? Doing it in win 7 makes no difference.

Hanuman only gets 15% of CPU power regardless of priority setting.

Generating SF from 94GB of 4K video took over 9 hr over night.

I like the simplicity of using PD to do this internally, rather than externally.


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Eugene, I think the *Magic+PD* approach would solve all your problems. This is exactly the kind of situation it's made for. It's a very simple one-step process that converts all your clips in a few minutes then you'd be able to edit them in real-time (in Full HD preview) and produce whenever you're finished. No more waiting for hours while PD creates shadow files.

The only downside is that you need to have 10-12x the size of your existing clips available to hold the converted files for editing, but you can delete them afterward to free up the space. If you ever need to re-edit the project, just convert the original clips again.

For example, if you're working with clips that are 30GB total, you'd need at least 360GB free, but you can put the converted clips on any drive, including external SSDs or HDDs with USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, Firewire or eSATA interfaces.

The only qualification is that external drives need to have at least 120MB/s transfer speed, so little "thumb" or "flash" drives won't work. I think you should give it a try

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