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Customer Appreciation month sale at NewBlueFX
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I just noticed that NewBlue is having *Customer Appreciation month* through Sept 30th.

If you're an existing customer, they're adding 30% more value to your existing "Ultimate Upgrade" credits, which means you can basically take an additional 30% off of whatever your upgrade pricing is on any product. For example, because of my past purchases of several Video Essentials packs, right now I can save an extra $45 on Titler Pro 4's upgrade price, and that's probably enough to get me to buy it.

I'm not promoting NewBlue and I have no affiliation with them. I also don't think this discount will apply if you haven't ordered from them before. However, this seems like a really good deal for any existing customers who are interested in their FX and I wanted to share what I found because hadn't seen it advertised anywhere.

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Thanks Ron.

NewBlue and Pixelan plugins are my go to for Power Director and my other NLEs.

Just had a chance to play with the new Titler Pro 4 trial version. Here's a rough edit of something I threw together. The red X means it is not registered. That will go away once it is purchased. I am still deciding what version is best for me. I get discounts also since I have other NB plugins which is a good incentive that I would like to see other companies adopt. (A direct email to customer service for new users sometimes can also get you a discount or else wait for a sale like holiday, Black Friday, New Years and so on.)

Just a few observations so far:

1. This prgm is very feature rich and can become overwhelming for the beginner. Intermediate to advanced users will be able to figure it out pretty quickly- especially after watching a few of the intros & tutorials from NewBlue's website. Some really nice titles, effects, lower 3rds and so on can be created with this prgm.

2. The exported rendered movie save file is to .mov format only and the picture save file format is .png only

3. It can import vector .eps files (which is awesome and then you can turn it into a full blown 3D title.)

4. It can also import Photoshop .psd files, regular images and video files.

5. The stand alone version did not integrate into Power Director, but my other NLEs detected it and I was able to access it inside the NLE without running the standalone version in the background.

I did experience some pauses while using it. I saved my project, then restarted the prgm and was able to continue on. It is a trial version and a new prgm afterall so I was expecting this to happen. (So patches and updates to fix it when users like me break it are the norm when it comes to software.)

Overall I am pleased with it and will pick up a version later on. PD 14 Ultimate Suite / Win10 Pro x64
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