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Error in PDVD14 Ultra if BR left on pause for very long
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I'm running PowerDVD 14 Ultra 14.0.4704 on Windows 7, and find that if I need to put a disc on pause, after a very short time PDVD raises an error and stops the disc.

This happens even when it's only a short pause, such as long enough to make a cup of coffee. I come back, and find an error dialog as shown in the attached image. Whichever option I choose in the dialog, the disc is stopped and closed.

The dialog says to run the BD Advisor. I've tried that, and my system passes every test. (Besides, the disk's just been playing fine.)

Tech support couldn't offer any help (and didn't seem to understand the problem), so I'd appreciate any suggestions for resolving this.
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Error after pausing BR playback
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Are you using the computer hard drive - system or other to play back the disc? As you probably know, USB 3 connections in W8/8.1 turn off automatically unless they are set to not tun off.

I had that issue with an external BR USB 2 burner/player. I bought a USB 3 hub which apparently draws a little bit of power so the computer doesn't see the player as not being used. .
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Thanks for the thought, stevek. In this case it's an internal optical drive, and this same hardware didn't give me this error on either PowerDVD 12 or 13.

I'm assuming it's a change in PDVD's behaviour, because I haven't changed any configuration details of the drive or the way it's managed in the OS.
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Nobody else got any thoughts please?
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