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PDVD and file associations: a request for future behaviour
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For various reasons I've had to reinstall Power DVD 14 Ultra many times in the last few weeks, and one of the more prolonged and frustrating parts of the installation is in *undoing* some of the file associations PDVD attributes to itself.

On my system, I don't want audio files (like .flac or .ape) or raster graphics (like .jpg or .png) being associated with PDVD. I have other software I want them to default to. I can go in and deselect the associations, but that action is pointless -- the file types have already been assigned to PDVD, even before the software presents the dialog to modify them. And then I have to go through my system re-associating all the files types PDVD has snatched with the applications I want them associated with. Pain in the bum.

I assume the point of the file associations dialog box is if I want to add other file types that PDVD hasn't already appropriated. Other than that, it has no effect. But if PowerDVD really wants to position itself as the Fat Controller of All Things Multimedia, it would be a really helpful move if, in future versions, that dialog box was a required part of an installation and the file type associations weren't assigned to PDVD until the user okays it.
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