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Audio Sync moves ALL video clips to different tracks
Kyle 40
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While trying to answer a Cubby House question about using the Audio Sync option, I found something which I also can't answer

I sometimes use 2 video cameras for recording artist demonstrations for my local art club. With one camera (camera 2) in a locked off position is left to record the whole demonstration. The main camera (camera 1) while used to record the demo is also connected to a video projector to show the watching crowd what is happening. Once finished and with the artists permission I make a short video. The locked off camera, camera 2 is not switched off, while I try to record everything with camera 1 ( my camera) I sometimes don't record off topic chat, and maybe catch a few cutaways.

Heres the intriguing part After starting a new project in PD 13 I select all the video clips in the media room and drop them in the timeline. Once all the video clips are in the timeline I highlight them then use the Sync By Audio option that appears above the timeline. Then as if by magic all the video clips appear in unison. But, EVERY clip is on a separate track! When I have stopped and started recording on the main camera, each video clip has been placed on a separate track!
It also appears that the longest video clip from any camera is only 23 minutes in duration even though camera 2 has been left on record for over 1 hour.

This project ended up on 24 tracks which I then had to move to just 2 tracks.
IS there a different way around this "intriguing" situation


[Thumb - 1-PD sync track-001.jpg]
1-PD sync track-001.jpg
Audio Sync causing split tracks
60 Kbytes
100 time(s)

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Charles Edward [Avatar]
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I am experienceing the same problem with Powerdirector 16. How do we fix this?

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Quote I am experienceing the same problem with Powerdirector 16. How do we fix this?

There is nothing to "fix" because that's how PD is designed to work. This post may give you some insight into the reason why it does this, and some ideas for working with the synced content once it's been placed on the extra tracks.


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