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What ! Music Challenged --- Gone too far?
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I videoed my grandchildren at Kemah Waterfront; an amusement park. After editing out some skips and extraneous scenes, I uploaded it to YouTube. The music was challenged because it was copyrighted. I was perplexed because I didn't add any music to the video. I then realized that the complaint was made because of the music playing in the background at the park.! So were all the other sounds like bells and whistles that would go along with children at an amusement park.

I have answered that complaint. I 'll let you know what happens.

It would be pretty bad if we all had to put directional mics on all out camcorders. BTY, it was an ION camcorder so there is no way a directional mic would work.

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I have found them to be pretty fair in these instances. It will be interesting to see what they say here. I had one challenged once which had no music at all. It's not a perfect system. __________________________________
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I have had music playing in the background at a fireworks display challenged.
The promoter had the music on the PA system while the Fireworks were shooting.
I was filming from several hundred feet away from the music, using a microphone to record the firework explosions.

YouTube's Content ID software is not very accurate or forgiving.

There is Fair Use for some music that you may qualify for.

My response is to either remove the Video and/or re-edit to cut out that song.
I have been successful at getting the challenge removed by using the Fair Use conditions.

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