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PDVD 13 -- are updates not listed online any more?
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Hi folks,
I have PDVD 13 Ultra. I came to the website tonight to check if any updates exist, but the list doesn't appear to be current. The most recent update listed says it takes the software to increment 4303, but I'm already running version 13.0.4324.58, which I think came internally through an update notification in the software itself.

But I've noticed in the past that the software has told me there were no updates available, yet when I've come to the website there was an update listed. So I'm not sure either avenue is strictly reliable.

So: for PDVD 13 Ultra, is 4324 the most recent modification available, or is there something more recent?
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4324 is the most recent. I think you are right; it was a special and important update that was pushed through to owners.

I don;t know why it is not listed unless it was only for people who would have been subject to a bug.

Are you experiencing anything that needs to be fixed or do you update just to update? .
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Thanks for the reply, stevek. And helpful question.

There's nothing major going on at the moment. A couple of little oddities — such as not being able to play a second disc after I've just finished playing one; the main screen of PDVD will update with the name of the new disc, but then when I click on the Play button I get an error saying "no disc in the drive" (but you just updated your own display with the *name* of the disc, so you must have read it!) If I exit PDVD, and then relaunch it, then it recognises the disc and will play it. So no biggie, just a thing that makes you go hmm ...

But I think my OS (Win 7 x64) is getting a bit tired and ragged, and that isn't helping; I'm planning to reformat my main drive and re-install it, and that in fact is why I went looking at the updates, to check I had the most recent at hand before I do the re-installation.

So I was just wondering then how it is the latest update doesn't seem to be listed. But no dramas; after I re-install, if the software doesn't update internally, I'll come back here looking for help! ;

As I said, thanks for the reply.
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