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Power dvd 8 ultra will not play avatar extended edition
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nicklouse [Avatar]
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just to add mine will not play either (this is the first release not the extended)
one CPU goes to 100% and stops the playback.

this on two separate PCs with 2 different disc drive, and different hardware.
CyberLink-Michael [Avatar]
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you need to post more information about your issue - otherwise no chance to look into it!

Please read the above thread and make sure to have installed latest drivers and updated for PowerDVD 10

Michael Technical Support

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Lojo2 [Avatar]
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Google spit out the following result
It has been discovered that the movie “AVATAR” in Blu-ray Disc™ format cannot be played on certain VAIO® computers. The issue is caused by an incompatibility between the WinDVD BD application by the Corel Corporation and the BD Plus encryption technology used on the AVATAR Blu-ray Disc™. We are actively working on a solution and apologize for any inconvenience. Please check back soon


Since AnyDVD is the only workaround I was able to find so far, that claim from Sony does make sense to me.

The fact that I can't play BR anymore, doesn't also surprise me, because since BD-Live started to appear, each time I accepted the request to update my PowerDVD, it would blow up my BR-playback capabilities; silly me, was hoping that Cyberlink had managed to fix that after several months.

I don't really have the patience anymore to go around trying to install the three different versions of PowerDVD 8 Ultra that I had got to solve the Bd-Live problems when Wolverine came out.

I want Cyberlink to make a final proper version of the software. Upgrading to PowerDVD 10 MkII hasn't helped at all. Same issue and more feeling of wasted money.

Quote: Hi,
you need to post more information about your issue - otherwise no chance to look into it!

Please read the above thread and make sure to have installed latest drivers and updated for PowerDVD 10


I have raised a proper support request for that, I don't really want files with data about my system hanging out in a forum

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Limbachnet [Avatar]
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Concerning the Avatar-Problem with the older standard edition - the last answer for my support request ist from 29th of october (!) 2010 with the Subject "AW: [171885] AW: [171853] AW: [171418] AW: [171331] [Cyberlink] Online Customer Support : PowerDVD8 Bluray-Problem (Avatar)".

The numbers within should help to identify the ticket.

I wrote a rather detailed description of the issue, I have saved a netmon-logfile of the data traffic with cyberlink and 20th century fox, but the only answer I got was that I should intall a new graphics driver. My graphics driver *was* the actual one, by the way...

The workaround works fine and the saved mkv-copy is working fine, too. No big problem left, but "support" is something else...

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jlighty [Avatar]
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Hello all,
I bought Avatar extended french version (3 BR) and I didn't manage to watch it with PD8.
I tried the workaround : remove BD live cache and create apda,bpsa, buda files to avoid folders generation.
Also I blocked all IP trafic from PD8 but I still get this message when playing the first disc :
"An upgrade must be done on your Blu-ray player to play this disc... blabla"
Software information :
PowerDVD8 8.0.3228g50 (OEM in bundle with iHOS 104)
SR DVD100223-01
Thanks for your help
BluRayBen [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Feb 27, 2011 19:00 Messages: 1 Offline
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I got the same message after trying to play the extended Avatar disk. So I went to this website and clicked on the PowerDVD, and all Blu-ray Disc players from CyberLink in the list. By the way, YOU MUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER to do this. Don't ask me why cause I don't know and involves Active x. This update does not work with any other browser. I tried.

Anyway when you click on the Power DVD, and all Blu-ray Disc players from CyberLink, it will ask you to enable Active x for a moment, then it supposedly gives some type of certificate that allows PowerDVD to play the content in the blu-ray Avatar disk set. I only had to do this once. When you play the disk, you will still get the same message about the update but the disk will eventually play.

That is what worked for me. I can now play Avatar. Now if I could only solve why the disk plays jerky in places during the movie no matter which one of the three versions I play. It is the only disk that does that. No visible damage to the disk so I will assume that it is a hardware problem.

comecomewong [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Mar 05, 2011 11:21 Messages: 3 Offline
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I still cannot play the Avatar DVD... the activeX plugin was not able to such an update for my PowerDVD 8. I don't know why. Is that because I am using window 7 64bit? Anyone solve the problem please tell me the solution.

My settings: LG BE08LU20 external BD, win 7 pro 64bit, PowerDVD 8 (come with the drive), nVidia ION 9400 comecomewong
t [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Mar 09, 2011 21:01 Messages: 1 Offline
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I think the important issue to take away from this problem is Cyberlink is the problem. Customer Service is important. If I would have been privy to this information I wouldn't habe purchased the LG internal Bluray drive because it partners with Cyberlink.

I will try the work around until Cyberlink has a download fix. So why would anyone buy their upgrade package.
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