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Pete 12 [Avatar]
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Just installed the newest patch; PDVD14 4028 Ultra. This time the installation works perfect ! First,the old program is uninstalled and Second; the new one is perfectly installed !!
Did not notice any improvements yet, but noticed one thing ; the rigt-click context-menu , full with PowerDVD14 again !!
So, costs a lot of time to clean-up the context-menu!!

Please, do something about this annoying problem, its still the same problem , if you want to improve the program, then please, listen to your customers,for this context-menu problem has been reported for so many times, and still no improvements !!!

An other thing; when do we get Dutch language back in the program??
If you want to sell , update your languages !! Do NOT GIVE UP!! CyberLink updates PDVD12 next month for solving these frustrating problem!!
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You mean we have remove reg keys manually again? I never saw the issue occur when I tested it
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