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Video Size Question
Tim [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Sep 10, 2008 23:25 Messages: 1 Offline
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So I just got PowerDirector 7 and I am having a problem burning dvds. My problem is the video seems to have the edges cut off when played back on my dvd player.

I noticed when creating the menu for the disc that there is a tv safe zone.

Is there a way to make the video fit into this TV safe zone?
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We need a tad more information here.

Does the aspect ratio of your project on the timeline match that of the video?

Do you lose edge material from both the sides and the top and bottom?

Most camcorders do "overscan" and actually capture a bit more than you see in the viewfinder or on the LCD. I once had a lens hood fit on my wide angle that did not appear in the image on the LCD or viewfinder, but once I imported it into an editor I could see edges of it. Fortunately the editor allowed some zooming into the video allowing me to effectively "crop" it out.

Johnny C [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Sep 25, 2008 14:05 Messages: 12 Offline
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I have seen the exact same problem. My project (which just happens to be my wedding video) is a 16x9 project which won't quite fit on a dual layer dvd, so I choose smart fit. If I render the project as a WMV the sides are not cut off, if I do the burn DVD it cuts off at least the left edge (not 100% sure about the right or top or bottom).

The left is most noticable as now some of the titles are missing 1/2 of the first character.

I wonder if this is the smart part of smart fit. I haven't had time to test with a smaller project. Note that this happened with both the latest and last patch level of PD 7 Deluxe.
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