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Problems with PD with 12 rendered files
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Hey guys need some help here - again:

I have 12 videos HD 1080i from my camcorder (after copying 8mm film). They are in AVCHD format.

I bought them into PD and edited each, added sub titles, and music. Then put them out in the .MOV 1080 30fps format.

Then bought up create dvd and added each video into create. When I look at it in preview it looks right with all 12 videos showing in a menu and it plays OK.

In create, I created in the Blu-Ray format double layer. Took 10 hours for the process.

Everything went fine according to PD no problems in Authoring and no problems in dvd burning. It is a 26GB insize.

Then viewing it on my OPPO blu-ray player the menu did not appear, it seems like only one video came accros.

Beginning to think all of the 12 videos in create needed to be highlighted in order for all of them to process. Would have thought it would know that since they were ready to be prcessed.

Also, the quality of the video on the OPPO layer did not seem to be as good as it appears on the computer. Formatting issues?

For now I am getting another SATA internal hard drive to process from. Then put finnished product back out to the cloud drive.

Also, the sub titles appeared too low when playing on the OPPO player but look fine in the preview.

Going to bed. It is supposed to be a minus 20 degrees tonight with winds. Good thing I filled my propane tank befor the price doubled.

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