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Scroll Up Title Designer Very Slow and Clunky Once Substantial Amounts of Text Are Entered
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Good day folks, and Happy New Year. I previously reported this issue with Scroll Up Titles that I imported from PD11. I assumed the import caused the problem. Two days ago, I had occasion to create a brand new scroll up title for the closing credits on a home BD H.264 video and noted that as more lines of text were entered, the title designer became very slow and clunky, agonizingly slow. At least I did not experience the "improper argument encountered" bug that afflicted PD11 until a late build fixed that, sort of.

I really think that Cyberlink needs to do some serious work on the scroll-up title designer. It worked great in PD9 and even PD10, but starting with PD11, it has become almost unusable. I know that I could break up my closing credits into smaller chunks and arrange them appropriately, but it seems to me that scroll-up credits are pretty basic and the program should be able to handle them much better, as it did in the PD9 and PD10 incarnations.

Just my two cents and recommendation. That said, I am otherwise very pleased with PD12 Ultimate. Have a great day.

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