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PDVD13 launches but doesn't auto-play - is this intended?
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I'm using PDVD Ultra 13.0.3105.58 on Windows 7 x64. In Windows, PDVD is set to Autoplay.

If I load a BD in my drive, PDVD launches, and recognises the disc ... but then just sits there, with the "Play" icon displayed in the middle of its screen. If I click this icon the disc plays, but why doesn't it start playing automatically, as previous versions of PDVD have done?

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, but this doesn't change. And I can't find any options in Settings that change this behaviour.

Is this what is supposed to happen?
CyberLink-Michael [Avatar]
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please check the settings under:

Settings > General > "Auto-Resume settings"

it should be set to start without asking

Michael Technical Support

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Thanks for your reply, Michael.

It's on "Resume playback from the last scene". I don't want to put it on "Always play from the beginning", because I want it to resume where appropriate and possible.

But does that stop it from playing at all, when it has a disc it's never played before?

I think the wording is unfortunate, because it's not very clear what the options are. I think it should be something like "Always play disc from the beginning" / "Resume a disc from previous position where possible" / "Wait for input to begin playing". Seems to me that makes more sense, and is less ambiguous.

So, unless the "Resume playback from the last scene" option is stopping new discs from playing, I don't think this is the source of the problem. Thanks for your input, though.
CLD [Avatar]
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Hello Branis,

The auto resume feature is only for DVD and some video file playback. As it says in the help file:

"..lets you set the behavior of CyberLink PowerDVD when you play a DVD disc or MP4/MKV file you viewed previously."

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Ahh, thanks for that, CLD. I do look at the manual when issues arise, but tend to only skim it — I don't see the point in reading manuals that in many places say only the same text as appears when you hover the mouse over a button. (It's not just Cyberlink's fault — I think most manuals are just pointless these days. Are they auto-assembled, or something? Does no-one actually *write* and *proofread* anymore?)

Anyway, that's going off-topic, I guess.

Michael, you've helped me indirectly to solve it. I changed the Auto-Resume setting to "Always play from the beginning", rebooted my PC (that bit may not have been completely necessary, but I wanted to load the Registry afresh), then changed it back to "Resume from the Last Scene", rebooted again, and now it works as expected.

So maybe some toggle setting in the Registry hadn't, ermm, togged. But now it seems to have.

Thanks for your help and thoughts, folks. :

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