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Another Audio Issue
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On the 4th, I made a video of my grandkids playing in a swimming pool. About half way into the video, the neighbor decided to mow his yard. I then put a shotgun mike on the Canon Hv30 camcorder. I recorded and captured the video as 1440 by 1080 mpg2 (native format.) When I played it in Power Director, the audio was very quiet with the shotgun mike. I did a volume normalization and the video then previewed Ok. I edited and encoded 3 video files from them also using mpg2 in that same format. In fact I used smart encoding and the encoding was completed quickly.

Eventually I made an ISO file and burned that to a blu ray disc. I used a competitor's program to make the ISO from encoded files. i Had a favorite menu in that other program.

A lot of background just to say that the blu ray disc audio was garbled when I played with Power DVD 12. That didn't make sense to me so I played the blu ray disc on a blu ray player. The audio was excellent but LOUD. I previewed all three videos and there was no sign of an audio issue on the video player.

Any guess why the audio with Power DVD 12 sounds like a bunch of canaries?

Edit: I forgot to mention that the audio is AC3 and gspot indicates that I have the right codecs loaded.

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