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Title Room - Scrolling Credits - "Improper Argument Encountered" Bug - When Will It Be Fixed?
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Good day. I happened yesterday to attempt to use a lengthy scrolling end credit that I had created with PD10. I had not used that function since the first release of PD11, when I reported the bug. The "Improper Argument Encountered" bug that I documented with the first release of PD11 showed up again. I am running the latest PD11 patch.

Of course, I can go back to my PD10, installed on my laptop, and create my credits there, but what about those folks with only one version (PD11)? I know that they can use Tony's workaround, but it would be nice if CL would schedule this annoying bug for a fix.

Anyone have any idea when we can expect the Title Room to work as it should and not impose a character restriction on the scrolling up title?

Thanks. Have a great day. Turn "rant off."

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Ah Phil,

Those who are old and grey may remember my "bete noir" so to speak, which was the diagonal black line on one edge of the perspective scrolling titles in PD8 or 9 (memory going) , which sort of meant they could only be used against a black background. I reported it in beta testing but (from my failing memory) it never ever got fixed in that version at all, but the next version was OK.

Be prepared to invest in the PD12 corrected version, which will be fully functional in all aspects (well, apart from ...........)

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