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4K Ultra High Definition
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Being always curious I was wondering how PD11 handles 4K. So I downloaded a few 4K video files to find out.

First I tried playing them on my computer, using media player classic. To my surprise the 4K play back was very good, in 1920x1080 24P of course this being my Pc Monitor. There was a occasional stutter in the audio, the video was smooth. This was an actual 4K file being played, I checked that with Mediainfo, a free software that gives details about any video file.

Then I imported a few 4K files into PD11 and was able to edit, add titles or transitions w/o any problems. PD11 behaved just as if I had used my usual 1920x1080 60P files.

Outputting the edited version of app 5 min was easy, the format 3840x2160 30P, it took app 15 min. Again media player classic played it back.
The next version produced from the same edit was in 1920x1080 60P and that worked as well.

The main complaint is that the input file are 24 FPS and PD11 has very few preset formats for that. I did not try to set up a manual format, perhaps later.

The video quality of the downloaded files, even on a 1920x1080 monitor, was of a quality that I have rarely seen.This might be due in part to the carefully selected material.

But there is I think an other more important factor. 1920x1080 format is just a container, it does not mean that the video contained therein IS actually full 1920x1080.

But with 4K there is NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER that it contains FULLY, 100% MODULATED 1980x1920. So I literally had to pick up my jaw of the floor looking at the dynamic range, depth of color , resolution etc. The file was about playing golf on Madeira island.

So now there is something new to dream about, perhaps in 5 years??

Downloading was with the free "4K video downloader"


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