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Various Problems with Power director 11 Audio sync sluggishness and failure of DVD Capture.
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MDavidKell [Avatar]
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I just recently upgraded (bought full Version) from 10 to 11.
And am having several issues one being.
When using wave-editor 2 to boost audio from a video track when it comes back into powerdirector the audio
doesn't match.
2. Sometimes when producing the file will lag (removing fast rendering and display seems to take care of it most but not all the time).
3. Also i upgraded my ram from 8 to 32GB and now the DVD capture from disk to file freezes and doesn't work most of the time(if i go back and use 10 it works fine.
I have a very good pc.
i7-3770k overclocked to 4.5GHz
32gb of Ram
4 Solid State drives raid 0
Radeon HD 7700 series (the weak link)
Windows 8 Pro

In the past when i went from 7 to 10 i had uninstall 7 and 10 then re-install 10.
Wondering maybe if i need to do the same here.
Also the video lag issue seems to get worse when rendering HD and SD together to SD file when rendering to HD from same File it seems to have less issue.
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