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PowerDirector 365: Sept 2019 Feature Release (v18) is now live!
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Perfect - Thank you - I found it

Strange thing hapened to my existing projects:
When I open a PD17 project that has a "reversed" clip on board - PD18 plays it reverse and rotate it 180 ° !?

With a new project in PD18 everything works as expected.

Maybe a bug??

looks like the fault is caused by the Hardware Acceleration. If I disable "Enable hardware decoding" everything works but preview is sluggish and stutter.
With PD17 I had no problems with enabling the hardware Acceleration.
Hope for a early fix.

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Quote Hope for a early fix.

Cyberlink tech support doesn't monitor this user forum, and the best way to tell them that you found a problem would be to start a new thread with the specifics of what you're seeing, including screenshots and attaching the sample clip, and then pass that thread's URL on to tech support from this page.

The PD18 forum should be up very soon, and please post there if it's available when you're ready to respond.
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finally 18 is able to import 10bit 4.2.2; but, what about export???

happy happy joy joy

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Quote finally 18 is able to import 10bit 4.2.2; but, what about export???

If you look closely at the specs and/or promo vids, it shows that HDR 10-bit BT.2020 clips are converted into SDR 8-bit BT.709 clips when produced. These clips avoid the washed out look of incorrect processing, but PD18 cannot produce to HDR.

I've attached a full size screenshot from the 3:09 mark in Maliek's PD18 video.
[Thumb - HDR to SDR.png]
HDR to SDR.png
HDR conversion details screenshot
1286 Kbytes
3 time(s)
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I too have 'Noted' that the production abilities may be falling behind,
But that's not my biggest gripe with PD18...

I am currently shooting video with my Fuji X-T3, which, whilst it's predominately a 'Stills' camera, is the best video camera I have.

(Before anyone thinks "So buy a 'Real' video camera before you complain..." Please note that it can internally save 4K 50fps 10 bit HLG - albeit at 4:2:0 - It can output 4:2:2 to an external recorder - It's not too shabby)

I tend to record my video at 4K, 25fps, 10bit, 'Long GOP', 200mbps, HLG, 4:2:0

Now a month or so ago, I discovered that I could happliy drop one of these clips into PD17-365 and then play with it.
I didn't know it wasn't supposed to support this, but honestly, I had NOT pre-processed the clips before importing - they just worked.
No stutter in playing nor difficulty seeing a colour grade on the video.
-My water-cooled Ryzen 2700 over-clocked at 4GHz, nVidia1070 8Gb Graphics and 32Gb of RAM may be helping here, but I know others on the forum will now have far faster machines to play with.-

So... Seeing that PD18 specifically stated it could import these clips made me think - Great - it's going to be able to colour grade these better as well... But Alas, No.

When shooting HLG, the video must be colour graded before it's ready for public consumption - akin to shooting in RAW if anyone plays with a stills camera... But once colour graded, the final result can be better than a recording made 'as-is' by a camera.

PD18 has little to offer over PD17 here - What would have been a MAJOR improvement would have been the ability to apply a LUT to a clip with some control as to how much is applied... i.e. Offer a slider with percentages of implimentation.
What PD18 offers is the same as PD17 - The LUT is either ON/OFF so you can choose 100% or nothing.

Other video editors now offer complete control over LUTs.

I KNOW there's a work around - high-lighted in a great post from ynotfish a while ago.
This is where you place the clip twice, one below the other on the time-line...
Then apply the LUT to the lower clip.
Then play with the opacity of the lower clip to get the desired 'Effect'.
i.e. Say the opacity set at 50%, then it's like applying the LUT at 50%...

But that's a real pain.
(And in my experience it takes a while rendering the result as well !)

Now that PD18 - 365 has gone the annual subscription route, I reckon it's time that it offered the same as other subscription editors ? - Colour/Chroma - Wheels/Histograms and the like may follow, but give us at least the bare minimums for LUT implimentation NOW !

and to follow - wouldn't it be nice to output/produce in 10 bit as well... ?
I agree with you Pepsiman. You make yet another valid comment.

With PD17 I had started to record video no-longer in HLG or F-Log, but choosing one of the several in-camera options offered by the X-T3. I'm playing with the 'Standard' vs 'Eterna' at the moment.

It seems that I'm still of the same mind, PD18 has done nothing to help me with HLG.
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