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[Find] path for missing photo -[Find] isn't working
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Col59 [Avatar]
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Hi. I'm a little bit late to this, but it is the closest thread to my issue.

I have the same problem in terms of having to Find. I hadn't changed any names or paths, but I couldn't get the images into my Project.

Using Find enabled me to select an individual image, but applying it to all the images in the folder, I'm asked to Merge.

This bit doesn't work. All the images are busy trying, but not getting there.

One of my other projects had the same issue. However, some other Projects do not have a problem.

Any pointers for what to look for would be appreciated.

I've tried renaming, reopening as defined earlier. I can Find on an individual level, but not for a whole folder.

Thanks. Colin
Kevin Scott [Avatar]
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Very late to the game here, but here's a nice finding

I'm on v10, and that's using a SQLLite database format for the .PHD file (Can't speak for other versions, but YMMV)

You can get (free) tools to view and edit what's in the database. I'm using

Follow these steps:
1) Close photodirector, Back up the PHD file and subdirectories
2) Install and start the SQLLite DB browser
3) Open the .phd file with the DB browser app
4) Select "Browse Data" > Table:File
5) Use filters to find and edit any broken paths in the "RobustRepresentation" column
6) If there are a lot then you can bulk-update. Use the "Execute SQL" tab with something like
Update File set RobustRepresentation = "c:\Path\to\folder\" || FileName
7) Write Changes, close database
Open photodirector
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