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Where's my bottleneck during Producing?
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pmikep [Avatar]
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I'm confused by Pepsiman's results. Is this the 10x Kite benchmark that we're talking about?

If so, I ran it on my newly upgraded 8 core AMD-8350, which is similar to what he was running before his Ryzen.

I get a speed of about 1 and a half minutes, on par with others with the GTX-960.

But I'm using a 398 driver (pre-415) on PD 15.

I see that he is using a pre-415 driver too. But I'm wondering if there is an issue between his 1060 and PD-14? Because, in addition to the long time to render, I notice his GPU load is very small. As if his GPU isn't being used to render.

Am I missing something?
tomasc [Avatar]
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pmikep - The older nvidia drivers are required to obtain hardware encoding on PD15 and earlier. PD16 and PD17 has been patched to allow harware encoding with the later nvidia drivers.

PepsiMan - The HWMonitor screenshot show no cpu temperatures at all. Attached are two screenshots showing pertinant cpu temps and other information. To show the temps one has to untick the unnecessay voltages and tick the ones for temperatures as shown in the two screenshots. Use the scrollbars on the right.

These screenshots show that when gpu rendering of a hevc 4k/60p gopro timeline with a custom profile created with the PD17 Profile Analyzer, then max cpu temp is 59 degrees Celsius after 8 minutes. Gpu load is 99%.

Cpu rendering of the same show 100% cpu. After 2 minutes the max cpu temp is 76 degrees Celsius. Gpu load is 8%.

This is my relative's pc that I am evaluating for creating hevc 4k/60p GoPro and 4k/60p Ipad Pro video recordings. The cpu in this pc has a passmark about 2.5x that of my i7 4 core cpu much like the 2.5x from your new to the old cpu in passmark.

I worked on and authored a two hour 1080/60p timeline for a Blu-ray. My workflow on my own windows 7 pc is to edit hours of clip, add a chapters, continue editing, add another chapter...until finished. Editing is fast and responsive on my windows 7 pc. No HA, No HE and it takes about 1 hour to author and create the BD folder for later burning. That is because svrt is involved. cpu utilization is 100%. Temps are between 55 - 60 degrees Celsius.

I used this new pc to edit, author and create a folder for a two hour 1080/60p Blu-ray. The timeline again is 1080/60p material. Editing is a chore and slow as I have to wait after each trim or edit for the chapters to update. This pc is running windows 10 and seem to have a lot issues and problems. Did not enable HE as I expect svrt to work.The cpu utilization goes to 100%, after a few seconds it cycles down to below 10% and continues this behavior to the end. It finish creating the folder for Blu-ray in about an hour. This is about the same time for my win 7 pc to create the folder. The only thing I could think of for this behavior is mayble that I have Enable hardware decoding checked.

I agree with Jeff that maybe a new setup may not be better than an old one. Feel that the realtime encoding on this new pc is also very poor. Will stick to my old pc for 1080/60p video editing.

The new pc is better at encoding hevc. The same test is 3.5 min. on my own win7 pc, 2.25 min on this pc, and 34 seconds when HE is enabled.

Editing is fast and respnsive using the Qwik app for 4k/60p video on my Ipad Pro. PD17 requires shadow file for a good video editing experience on this new pc.
[Thumb - gpu render 4k hevc.jpg]
gpu render 4k hevc.jpg
cpu temps with gpu encoding.
505 Kbytes
5 time(s)
[Thumb - cpu render 4k hevc.jpg]
cpu render 4k hevc.jpg
cpu temps with cpu encoding
496 Kbytes
5 time(s)
Steve Mitchell [Avatar]
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I know this is an old thread and for v17 but...

I just built a new PC using v18.

CPU: I9-9900KF
RAM: 32GB DDR4 2666
GPU: 5GB Nvidia P2200
Storage: Samsung M.2 SSD (plus SATA drives on NAS).

On initial rendering over the last few days, it seems that:

  1. Not a huge difference between rendering files on system SSD and NAS SATA drives.

  2. When rendering, CPU maxes out at around 50% consistently.

  3. When rendering, GPU maxes out at around 40% consistently.

Now if I can get maximum utilisation for faster rendering that would be great, but I'm not sure where the bottleneck is. It seems PD18 cannot fully utilise my CPU/GPU.

This machine is AWESOME because I no longer require any proxy files when editing 4K. It is a dream!

But still leaves me pondering if PD18 limits the ability of my PC to produce faster. Thoughts?
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Quote ... I just built a new PC using v18. ... But still leaves me pondering if PD18 limits the ability of my PC to produce faster. Thoughts?

i am, too, happy with Ryzen 7 2700X build running w7...

since you have PD18... What difference does hardware encoding make? . op had an enlightenment. ^^

happy happy joy joy

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