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PowerDVD 17 doesn't run
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My factory installed Cyberlink 12 Software for toshiba laptop stopped working and so I assumed updating to the latest Cyberlink Software would solve the problem, and I was wrong it did not solve the problem.

I purchased the latest update to Power DVD and had nothing but troubles operating the software: in fact software just would not work. I tried everything. I installed patches, I made changes to settings, and nothing worked.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop on Windows 10. Cyberlink software was factory installed and software is a version made for my Toshiba Laptop.

In the end after opening two support tickets with Cyberlink and followed all their instructions of which none fixed the problem. I had no choice but to ask for a refund, and the refund was issued very quickly.

However, I was still faced with the problem that the original factory Cyberlink installed DVD player did not work.

I resorted to some very drastic action: and have fixed the problem.

First of all what I did was I completely uninstalled the new Cyberlink Software. I mean completely uninstalled all of it. I shut my computer down completely and did a fresh restart. I also performed disk clean ups, did a defragment, and I ran thorough scans using McAfee and C-Cleaner Software to clean cache, and fix registry errors etc and I also ran Click & Clean to clear cache for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc and other browsers. I made certain all updates for Windows was current and installed. This process was very worthwhile as my PC start-up was fast, and operating at optimum speed.

Neither Toshiba Manufacturer or Cyberlink could answer my question about the orignal Cyberlink factory install software, that if I deleted this software, would it reinstall, and would I need to purchase a new license. The fact I could not receive any guarantee helped me find a solution.

I wanted to avoid doing a fresh install of windows, or completely wipe and reformat , or do a system restore, as I felt all these suggestions were drastic measures.

So what I felt the best thing to do, was look on my C-Drive and find where on the Program files the Cyberlink 12 software was stored, and I found the Installation icon to re-install software. I clicked it and the entire Cyberlink 12 software reinstalled. I restarted my pc, and then opened the software, and for the first time in 6 months Cyberlink Power DVD Player worked.

Rather than reinstall the software by obtaining a fresh copy look for where the original software is stored on your computer, look for the icon that will launch a fresh install of the original software. Installation Wizard will take care of a fresh install, when screens popped up with the wizard asking for permission to remove old or existingversion before reinstalling fresh copy/version I clicked yes, and this resolved all the problems and Cyberlink Version12 is now working. I have not attempted to install the latest new version of Cyberlink Software: I just don't want to take the risk. Although Cyberlink Version 12 software is not as good as the latest version, I am just relieved original software is now operating correctly.

Please be aware, the steps I have taken worked for me: it does not guarantee the same remedy will be successful on other people's computer. I hope by sharing my experience and my remedy that somehow it might give ideas to others on steps they could take to fix problem they have with Cyberlink software.
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