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Rendering Issues with PD14 if I use any Fix/Enhance Features
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Quote: So heres the deal:

Settings/Hardware Acceleration/
I had both Enable AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing technology to speed up video effect preview/render,
and I also had enable hardware decoding.

Now, going back and fourth, I confirm, all three versions I have, PD12/PD13/PD14, ALL, and I mean ALL settings were exactly the same across each version.
I had "Enable hardware decoding" enabled on all three.
However, on PD14, when I have this setting on, on some videos, I get the blocky and grainy picture that you see in the "bad version".

I disable it on PD14, and problem solved. I also found, it seems the longer the video, the worse the grain.

So what really threw me, was that the settings were the same across the versions.

Now, a whole stranger problem. The most recent, of which is in the link below, the "BAD" copy, once uploaded to YouTube, processed much clearer then what VLC was reproducing in playback on my computer. Weirdness....

Either way, turning off "Enable Hardware Decoding" seems to have solved the issue @_@

Good Version:

"Bad" Version: [url=

Could you please confirm the following point ?

So finaly is the rendering issue due to hardware acceleration or shadow files ?

In case of harware acceleration, is it in general preference or the setting in rendering tab ?

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Could you please confirm ?
Igor9499869 [Avatar]
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PD14 does not render pictures properly.

While it takes a perfect snapshot of a video frame (freeze frame), it seems to apply some sort of a filter while rendering, that changes the colour temperature of a picture and makes the pictures fuzzy.

This makes freeze frames useless as the picture quality is very different from the video quality.

Furthermore as soon as you enable "Color Adjustment" feature on a video clip, without making any colour adjustments, PD14 applies the same filter to the video. Now your freeze frames match the video but the quality of both is crap.

This is especially obvious when you enable "Video enhancement" feature that significantly improves the video quality.

My video is 1920x1080/25fps and I have tried to render it with every possible file format that supports this resolution. The result is the same. This or similar problem has been reported as far back as 2011 but I could not find a solution in this forum.

Am I doing something wrong? Please help.
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