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PD12 and AMD 8 core CPU will it work ?
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JL_JL [Avatar]
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Quote: Jeff et al, assuming a new widow license for the new computer , how does one transfer everything to the new computer?

Eugene, everyone probably has a there own view on this. Mine is, don't move everything as you desire. Moving applications, like PD, is a good recipe to issues on a brand new system. I'd reinstall your applications on the new box from install backups. Many apps like PD, during install, register dll's, make registry modifications (PD makes many of them),..., these are hard to capture with a simple backup utility. Registry entries are scattered in ~four different system files. Some installs capture your unique MAC address for authenticity(obviously you have a new MAC address on the new computer), CL captures something as many claim a internet connection required initially, with PD many instances in the forums of what appears as number of installs being reached, work with support to reset, didn't activate h.264, MPEG and other codecs within 30days.... and the like. These PD specific items often stored in windows registry entries.

Microsoft had a application mover, which would attempt to gather all application related bytes and package them to install on a different computer, this app is no longer supported, I've used several app movers over the years and wouldn't really recommend anything, more a niche tool for specific case vs what I would do on a brand new platform for hassle free video editing with PD.

I'd use the windows utility to transfer my user files and settings and go through the install processes for applications like PD from your install backups. Simple overview of windows transfer utility.

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By the way, whenever I move to a new computer I always (if possible) install the hard drive from the old computer into the new one as an extra drive. I then have instant access to any data files or whatever from the old machine, while running the machine in all its newborn glory.

If you don't have a slot for it, you can buy a USB adaptor for small money. Jerry Schwartz
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I have been using an AMD FX-8350 8-core for the last year with PD10, PD11 and now PD12 . There is no issue.
I had an FX-8120 before .

There is no Quicksync, indeed.

This CPU does run run hot, especially if overclocked. I am overclocking my FX-8350 to 4.6 GHz using a Noctua NH-D14 . No watercooling for me, I don't want a water leak on my other components.
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I would say never move anything except DATA like PD project files, video, music, etc. May take a lot of time to reinstall apps, but worth it to avoid complications.

QuickSync is an Intel feature and only works with apps that have been programed with that code. PD is the only video app I have that supposedly does.

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