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How's PD11 doing with the old DVD burn size problem?
rbowser [Avatar]
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Quote: I've tried to burn to a file first, but it keeps giving me the "the output files exceed the available disk space", and I have 118GB available on my hard drive! What gives?

Hi - That would have been a good topic for a whole new thread, Theresa - this is a pretty old thread you responded to. But I'm here because I got an email about your post - so, I can help you out with that.

That error message is talking about is referring to the folder size you've chosen, either 4.7 or 8.5. It's not referring to the space available on your hard drive. So, if the project is too big for the 4.7 size folder, choose 8.5. Trouble is, Power Director is completely inaccurate in predicting how large the final output will be. You'll very likely find that even though it's saying it won't fit in a 4.7 folder, when you burn it to the 8.5 folder, it'll be much smaller, ending up not too large for a 4.7 disc. That's what my thread was about originally.

So - get it? Choose the larger size. If it's even too large for that - well, then you're up against a wall because there isn't a DVD size larger than 8.5. At that point, you have to, unfortunately, reduce the quality of the video so it's smaller.

Dafydd B [Avatar]
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As rbowser has mentioned, theresa1, please start a new thread.
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