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Video driver crashing constantly-SOLVED-um, only now it's just PD crashing
rbowser [Avatar]
Contributor Joined: Aug 08, 2011 16:48 Messages: 515 Offline
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I guess with this project I've pushed beyond the limits of what my computer can do.

It's the first time I've worked in 16:9, it's a short 4 minute project, but with a lot of clips, slow motion, FX etc.

The error message I keep getting is:

"Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.
----Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernal Mode Driver version 280.26 stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

Sometimes PD doesn't crash during this, it just goes black and freezes. But sometimes it does crash - 6 crashes so far today in a 3 hour period. The display driver crash happens a lot more often, like every 5 minutes of working.

Attaching my system file info again.

80 Kbytes
183 time(s)
44 Kbytes
193 time(s)

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Senior Member Location: HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Joined: Apr 23, 2010 10:14 Messages: 288 Offline
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Several people have had that message, I believe many have gone back to the more stable previous version (edit: of the NVidia driver).

I have gotten that message 2-3 time this week, and one crash out due to Nvidia. Not ready to regress just yet, but can confirm it happens on more than one computer.

Have similiar problems with AMD/ATI drivers, so just have to wait for fix. Turn off hardware acceleration if it is on, helps a little.

Just remembered, in NVida control panel, some where under 3D, there was a check box to undo some feature that is/was causing this. Not at home right now, try a search, I saw the hint on this forum.

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(2 NVME 2TB, 1 SSD 2TB, 3SATA 18TB )
RYZEN 7 3700X 8-CORE , 64 GB DDR4
ORSAIR HX1050 watts PSU
Dafydd B [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Joined: Aug 26, 2006 08:20 Messages: 11973 Offline
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Hi rbowser,
This is not a PowerDirector issue.

I sympathise with your issue having experienced it quite often with one of my computers running an older Nvidia card, this isn't a PD issue and is to do with the graphic card in operation and coping with the stress video editing puts upon a PC. You might consider taking out your card and cleaning it, might help.

Rocket Scientist... My post can be regarded as waffle, ha ha. You are probably right. I have experienced the issue with an older card and different drivers, don't hold your breath for a fix, mine hasn't been

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rbowser [Avatar]
Contributor Joined: Aug 08, 2011 16:48 Messages: 515 Offline
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Thanks, RS and Dafydd

Early on with PD I had issues with the new NVIDIA driver after installing it, but my computer was having quite a complex of issues - so I couldn't ever be sure if that driver really was an issue or not.

Not long ago, my computer guy completely wiped the machine so I had to start over with installing all my programs, including PD9. In the process, he re-installed that newest NIVIDIA driver, and I was nervous that he'd done that.

But today's the first time anything's come up since the re-birth of this computer. I have to assume because I've managed to make my most resource-hungry project.

It's not an older NIVIDIA card though. Everything on this machine was the newest possible when it was first built just a few months ago now.

I looked at the NIVDIA control panel just now. I think it's the stereoscopic 3D which was flagged as being a problem, RS. I don't have that turned on. But while I was in there, I dialed back the quality setting of my regular "3D" settings, in case that makes a difference.

I also added PD to the list of programs under the Mange SD settings. There's a long list of features--but I really have no idea what the best settings for PD would be. And my priority is to have PD work as well as possible, not to have the most super spiffin' graphics display available--I'm not a game player.

Well, - I'll just keep on truckin.

EDIT: I meant to also say that in the computer's Device Manager, when I click NIVIDIA, the "roll back driver" option is greyed out and not available. Tony gave me the advice some time ago to roll back - but I can't.


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rbowser [Avatar]
Contributor Joined: Aug 08, 2011 16:48 Messages: 515 Offline
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Thanks to help Jeff gave me on another thread, I was able to go back to the NIVIDIA driver from January this year. That's 8 versions back - but that current version wasn't working well with PD at all. No other programs were effected, just PD.

Today I no longer get that error message about NVIDIA crashing and recovering - But PD is crashing just as much. About every 5 minutes, it locks up and crashes totally.

The crashes always happen when I stop play back, and move to an earlier point.

So I suppose this is still an NVIDIA issue- but that's my video card, zero budget to replace it. It's looking like PD9 just isn't compatible with this card, at least when working with high resolution and 16:9.

But other users here are doing OK with it, especially when they don't have one of the apparently funky new NVIDIA drivers--there are a number of them, all "Beta."

Sure adds a huge amount of time to a project, with all the crashing and re-starts. It's the worst.

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