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Audio Mixing Room- unpredictable, error-prone: build 3305
rbowser [Avatar]
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I'm still rather new at using PD9, and know that some problems that come up have to be due to user error/ignorance. When I get stuck, I post a question. Right now, this report about the Audio Mixing Room seems to be due to software problems - I'm hoping for input so we can figure it out.

Before build 3305, I hadn't used the AMR, so don't know what it was like previously.

Problems I had while editing audio yesterday are akin to several posts Mike Sierra posted, such as this thread:

I would select the slider for the clip I wanted to work on, expecting to have the slider/fader moves recorded in real time. I would watch the clip in the main screen so I could watch for sections that needed boosting or attenuating.

Playback would be choppy while moving the fader, but I was still able to hear and see what I was doing.

When I would stop - Often, not always, but usually, OTHER tracks in the time line occupying the same portion of the project would have any nodes in their audio tracks either erased or re-set to zero.

Any nodes in the clip I was working on which were previous to where I started playback would be erased.

Instead of holding a volume steady during times when I wasn't moving the fader, the result would be a slow ramp up to the next node recorded by the fader. The only solution to that would be to go to Key Frames and hand edit the results, or attempt to do node adjustment directly in the clip in the time line - but that's very tricky, usually requiring multiple attempts to grab the node and not move the clip itself, or open up the audio trim window.

Results - jumbled nodes in the clip I was working on, destruction of volume envelopes in other tracks.

Solution - go back to what I was doing before, and doing all the volume work node by node in the Key Frame window.

I struggled with this AMR for several hours, but ended up having to completely re-do all the results since they were so skewed and unusable. Working manually with key frames is OK, but theoretically the mixer in the AMR should make audio work faster - So far in my experience, the AMR seems broken and useless.

Is any of this behavior normal? Can any of these issues be reproduced?


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