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JL_JL [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Location: Arizona, USA Joined: Oct 01, 2006 20:01 Messages: 6091 Offline
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I created some custom menus in PD6 but accidentally deleted one. Does anyone know what folder this information was stored in as I have backups that I can recover from? The edit undo won't undo the deleted template. The custom menu was "My Template 41" from create disk - custom menus.
RobertJ/OZ [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Location: Melbourne Australia Joined: Aug 14, 2006 02:26 Messages: 1209 Offline
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Hi JL,

I removed this post as information was only partially correct

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Dafydd B [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Joined: Aug 26, 2006 08:20 Messages: 11973 Offline
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Look in C:My Documents\CyberLink\Custom Menus\2.0\LayerTemplate

Each directory in named Layer Template with a numerical definitive after the name for each custom menu you created.

The file std_LayerTemplate.xml is the naming directory index for the customised file - displays the info thumbnails etc in PD6

Creating a new structured DVD menu template is easy using the tools provided within while creating a shareable customised template can be difficult as the xml is the one that directs files.

I think I've seen a workaround...not sure I have the inclination to go for it to create shareable dvd styles and menus.


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