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Tips for getting help on CyberLink forum
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CyberLink forum is intended to be a user community for member’s discussion, information sharing and FAQ. Here are few tips which may help you to get the most out of CyberLink forum.

1. Search and read before posting. There are many issues that may have already been discussed and solved in the community. You could easily find answers in the forum search. You could also find many useful documents (FAQ and User Guide) that may answer your question.

2. Stay on the topic. CyberLink forum is for members to discuss CyberLink product issues and make suggestions. Do not submit topics which are unrelated to CyberLink products. You are also advised not to go off-topic to prevent readers from getting confused. If your post is not related to a certain topic, create a new topic.

3. No multiple postings. Posting your question repeatedly in this community may waste internet resources. Our members are from all over the world and we suggest you may wait at least 24 hours to get feedback. If your question has not been responded promptly after 24 hours, you may send a private message to the Moderator, who will find experts to get back to you. Please be patient and do not send private messages to moderators immediately after your post.

4. Post your topic on the public forum. Please do not send private message to individual members, moderators, or the administrator to discuss any CyberLink product question. Posting your topic on the forum will be much more efficient to get feedback.

5. Follow moderators’ guidance. The CyberLink Forum moderators are well-qualified for the knowledge of CyberLink products and the contribution to our community. Moderators will set up guides and rules for each forum, and suggest member to read the guidelines before posting. Following these guidelines makes the community’s contributors easier understand your issue and system environment, and results in faster solutions for you.

6. Comply with netiquette. Please keep your manners when participating in CyberLink Forum. Any offensive post could be considered as improper content and be removed. Meanwhile, you may file your complaints with CyberLink Customer Service.

7. Be responsible. All members are requested to obey both Comment Laws in Taiwan and the CyberLink Forum Management Regulations. If there’s any breach occurs from your post, you may need to take the punishment by yourself.

CyberLink Forum Administrator

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