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Cyberlink, listen to this suggestion
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Change to how "Copy Keyframe Attributes" work for images

It would simplify life for users that work a lot with photographs to have the "Copy Key Frame Attributes" include Duration in the copy. It has no meaning for video and should be ignored in that case, but I often have two operations to perform when I bring an image into the timeline with the intention of making it perform exactly as another image - first set duration then copy keyframe attributes.

If I copy keyframe attributes first and the duration of the new image is shorter, the new image's attributes will be missing keyframe attributes that don't get copied and will have no attributes set at the end of its frame.

If the duration of new image is longer, it will have no attrubutes beyond the last attribute in the copied image. Paul C
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"Copy Keyframe Attributes"

Great suggestion! Previously known as PDuser97031 (had to create a new user after changing email address)
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Could an option be added in to disable this warning?

It pops up any time you trim a clip that has some sort of effect applied ot it (Cropped, speed changed, etc). Most of my projects have effects applied to all clips so when I am piecing all my segments together I get this pop up non-stop. It's a time waster please allow me to disable it!
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Good suggestion. I am also assaulted with this message when I trim a video clip, even when 3D mode is already disabled. Paul C
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I'd like to see the ability to use midi files. HP Envy Phoenix/4thGen i7-4770(4@3.4GHz~turbo>3.9)
Nvidia GTX 960(4GB)/16GB DDR3/
Canon Vixia HV30/HF-M40/HF-M41/HF-G20/Olympus E-PL5.
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Very often I work with an image on track 1 along with one or more images on other tracks that are reduced in size. I set keyframes for the smaller images to cause them to flow in front of the image on track 1 going from top to bottom, left to right, bottom to top, right to left, grow in place, shrink, etc. I do all this with keyframes. However, if I want to change direction, PD moves the image from key frame X to key frame Y, takes an abrupt turn and moves to keyframe Z. I know that I could add many more keyframes to make it appear as a curved motion, but that is timely and error prone. (Since I reduce the size of the images, Magic motion is not a viable option.)

I would like another checkbox added to keyframe Position X-Y that has an option (similar to Ease in and Ease out) that is Arc thru. In my example, I would set this option for keyframe Y and PD would create an arc from keyframe X to Z through keyframe Y.

With that, many complex arcs could be created. If I have 4 contiguous keyframes, (A, B, C, and D), I could set the "Arc thru" option for B and C and get an S shapped arc for the flow of my image. Paul C
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Hi editors,
I'm closing the thread here as we have a new topic started on the PowerDirector 14 forum for "Suggestions for PDR 15". Please add your thoughts, ideas, suggestions to the new thread.
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