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ProducerMelissa [Avatar]
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I know some of you might think this is a dumb question, but i am going to ask any way. What is SVRT?, What does SVRT do?

Thank you so much to any one that can answer this for me.

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JL_JL [Avatar]
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CL explains it here

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Hello everyone. Sorry to appear to be so PD9 illiterate (the truth will out!), but I have never used SVRT and it seems like perhaps I should be using it. When I first joined the forums some months ago and read about all of the problems with hardware acceleration and such, I assumed that SVRT must somehow be a part of that and I turned it off and never use it.

Reading the link that Jeff provided to Melissa, it would appear that SVRT might serve me well, IF it works as advertised. Right now I am working on project (home movies conversion): one version for my siblings and the other for family friends who are in about 40% of the sequences. I make the family friend version from the produced sibling version by splitting out the sequences that don't contain the family friends and then I re-render.

From what the link says about SVRT (thanks, Jeff), activating SVRT should radically reduce the production time of the family friend version of the video, or any videos that have been previously produced in segments and then assembled in a final project.

Is SVRT reliable? Are there any known issues/pitfalls? Is the quality the same? Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for taking your time, but my Dad always told me to ask if you wanted to know something. Now I am a grandfather and that's what I tell my kids and grandkids. Thanks. Have a great day.

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Whenever I can use SVRT3
Best when the original video is compatible with a standard profile of PD
When not combined, create new profile.
You should know that for DVD-Video files are created. VOB in interlaced mode, even for the original video so progressive in this case does not activate the SVRT3.
Experiment and make your conclusions.
A good use for SVRT3
After you finish rendering a long video.
There's a scene that needs to be cut, add and edit the video ready saved in the same profile, will only render in that position.

(google translator)

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