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Artifacts from previous scene pop up after produceing to file
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Artifacts from the previous scene pop up in my slideshow, after producing to a file. The artifacts are brief snippets of the previous scene(one or two frames long). All the transitions in this video are cross fades. I used the slideshow tool. I believe it was the "movement" template. I have tried AVCHD2.64 and WMV. This problem is not on the timeline, but only after I export to a file. Thanks for your thoughts!

Windows 7 64 bit, i7 980x @333 6 core processor, 12 GB ram DDR 1600, Radeon 5850 GPU Power Director 8 Ultra.
Cap'n Kevin
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Hi Elwood,

I think I know what you are seeing...and I believe it has to do with rendering the file using Hardware Encoding. If you uncheck this option, I bet you won't see the artifacts. I have noticed this on my system and that is what I have to do to correct the issue.

I think that Cyberlink is trying to fix the issue...and I think the only people seeing the problem are ATI graphic card users....they fixed the problem of the graphic card not being utilized properly...but something still isn't quite right when rendering.

Hope this helps...if it doesn't...maybe someone else has some ideas..


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