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Is it possible to burn all of these 'mismatched' produced videos to a single blu-ray?
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Fair warning: This is an odd question, to which the final answer will probably be "No", but I have to ask anyhow, just in case, LOL

I have several videos that were originally filmed during the 1980s on camcorders and years later were converted to .VOB (TS_VIDEO) files and burned to individual DVDs. I recently used Handbrake to convert them to .MP4 files while keeping the original aspect ratios and frame rates from the VOB files.

Because they are all related topics (family, etc) I would like to burn them all to a single blu-ray disc but have no idea whether PD20 will be able to combine them because of the disparity in resolutions and frame rates.

The produced files are:

Video A.mp4 which was originally filmed in 1986, is 352 x 240, at 29.97 fps

Video B.mp4 which was originally filmed in 1988, is 720 x 538, at 30 fps

Video C.mp4 (actually a narrated photo slideshow created in 2001) is 1920 x 1080, at 30 fps

I also have a fourth video (filmed in 2006) that is still just on a DVD that I need to convert via Handbrake. The on-disc video is composed of four .VOB files; they are all 720 x 480, at 29.97 fps. I am assuming that what I need to do is to convert each of them to .MP4 via Handbrake, then bring them into PD20 and produce one final combined .MP4 which would be Video D (720 x 480, at 29.97).

So what I would ultimately want PD20 to do is to produce a blu-ray disc that contains four MP4 videos despite the fact that each is at a different resolution, and with two of them being at 29.97 fps and the other two at 30 fps.

Assuming that PD doesn't figuratively throw up its cyberhands in disgust and crash at the very notion, which encoding format should I choose? H.264 or MPEG-2?

With either of those encoding formats, neither 29.97 nor 30 fps are available as quality options. In SD there is only 720 x 480 at 60i; and in HD, the only progressive choices are 24p and 60p. The resulting blu-ray discs would be given to family members. Some would be viewing it on a computer with a blu-ray drive, and others would be viewing it on a tv, played on either a blu-ray player or a PS4. Hence my wanting to avoid using interlaced.

Are all of these 'mismatched' videos too disparate to pull together nicely on a single blu-ray disc?


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