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Saved Titles Disappear
Harold S [Avatar]
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Why do the saved titles dissapear??
JL_JL [Avatar]
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Quote Why do the saved titles dissapear??

You might check if the project aspect ratio is set the same as when the Title was created.

Warry [Avatar]
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There are many reasons why “saved title” can "disappear". Maybe you find your reason below, else please share more details so that we may be able to help.
Note that saved titles appear in the title room when CUSTOM is selected
  • If a title made for a specific aspect ratio (say 16:9) it will not appear in the custom title list when another aspect ratio (say 9:16) has been set;
  • PD has been re-installed and the “delete all user information” (or words to that effect) has been selected. In the user\documents\cyberlink\powerdirector\vv.vv folder custom stuff, including the saved titles will be deleted during uninstall. So, do save this folder before re-installation, and after installation move back what you want to keep
  • The above is also applicable when moving to a new PC or after reinstallation of the operating system. Then also you should make a backup of the mentioned folder(s) and restore them after installation of PD, and
  • The above may also happen (it has sometimes been reported) when moving to a new version of PD.
  • The installation software should leave the (previous) custom folders alone, AND recognise them when opening the new version. That has not always happened. Or the mentioned folders have been deleted (moved) by some other process or human.
--> Many of this is also true for other saved features.
  • From the above we have learned that it is always a good idea to have a backup of the CyberLink folders.
Hope this helps.
Otherwise, let us know what you situation is.
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Quote Why do the saved titles dissapear??

You can check if the title is saved in the folder by following this path.
"C:\Users\"Your PC"\Documents\CyberLink\PowerDirector\21.0\MyTitles\Title_xxx"

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