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Background audio clips/drops when other audio track starts and stops
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Barry.h [Avatar]
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I have a simple video with background noise from the video and a voice-over added. The voice over track has been cut, clipped and edited. Everytime the voice-over clip starts and stops, the background noise is momentarily clipped, despite being a continious track.

You can see/hear the problem in this clip:

the timeline is attached. Note there is a deactivated sound track just as a holding place, the background noise is at the bottom and the voice over track #2.

Also note, I have stripped/decoupled the background noise track from the video (#1) to try and fix the problem, but it persists regardless of the order or arrangement of the tracks.

I am on PowerDirector 17 Ultra build 17.0.5003.0

Any clues or ideas?

[Thumb - powerDirector 2.png]
powerDirector 2.png
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Barry.h [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Aug 18, 2023 21:44 Messages: 2 Offline
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UPDATE: After some testing I have isolated the problem a bit more ... it only seems to happen after a Power Tool - Video Speed -selected range has been applied to the background video. By 'after' I mean it only glitches after the section of the video that has been sped up. So the work around is to render your speed-up to a clean file and replace the source in your job with the now-sped-up clip so you don't need the powertool in the project where you are overlaying the voice clips.

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