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Youcam 9 Deluxe. Paid for lifetime use but now cannot access it.
Godsiphur [Avatar]
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So, I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

I purchased a lifetime license for Youcam 9 deluxe, which included all of the features. it was great whilst I used it and was very happy with it. Cut to 10 months later and I purchased a new P.C. I used the downloaded installer from my original purchase to re-install, but apparently this installer has now reverted to the trial version only.

When it first installed, everything seemed fine and I had access to the same features as before with the deluxe version. After re-starting my P.C, youcam loaded and started telling me i need to upgrade to version 10. All of the features had now been disabled, saying that they were only available with the deluxe version. Naturally, I have tried every concievable way to get this fixed via cyberlinks numerous> click this link/log in here/enter your product key/sign-in/ register/redeem features, but am still back at square 1 with software that is not working

Now I work in I.T and software for my day to day, so it says a lot, when after 3 months of on/off trying to get this resolved, I am no further forward than I was when I started. I also am privvy to various techniques used by companies to encourage you to spend a little more for the latest and greatest software, with new improved such and such, so I can't say I'm shocked.

[b]That being said[/b]; I paid for lifetime use of a product, and I expect to be able to use it.

Any response or answers Cyberlink?
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Any response or answers Cyberlink?[/quotePostId]


If you want a response from CyberLink, you'll need to contact them directly using the below link (this is a user to user based forum, as outlined [url=]here[/url]). You said you tried everything, but did you try CyberLink Customer Service?


The original download links for the perpetual versions expire after 30 days, so you'll need to contact CyberLink and request another. What you downloaded was the trial version for YouCam 10, not the installtion files for version 9.

YouCam Moderator

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