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"Slide Right" and "Slide Left" weren't programmed correctly
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I have a really serious problem with PD20 and a project I'm working on needs this solved or an easy alternatve as quickly as possible. My problem is with the "Slide Right" and "Slide Left" transitions under the All Content section.

These two transitions have a pretty major flaw - they're not instant. For example, when I place Slide Right on a clip, that clip should INSTANTLY start sliding to the right at a consistent speed and then reach the end. Instead, well, it'll make more sense if I show you. A good example of what I mean is the project I'm working on right now.

Here's a timestamp to a video's intro (not my project):

Pay close attention to how the text slides into place.

I have 1:1 recreated this style of editing (I'm friends with this content creator and I've volunteered to edit his next video), using the same song, transition start points, transition end points, and everything, and I've used both "Slide Right" and "Slide Left" to accomplish this:

However, you'll notice one difference in my version - the text transitions, specifically that they're slightly delayed and that it's really fast. I have direct confirmation from him that like my recreation uses the same transition and the same transition length.

This issue is more complicated than just that, and it's much easier to see and explain if the transition is used on a longer clip. In this second example, I use the same Slide Right and Slide Left transitions, but instead make the transitions last 4 whole seconds:

Nothing appears to be wrong... until you watch this screen recording of me pressing Play in the editor:

The problem is now abundantly clear - the actual effects visual effects of the transition - the text actually starting to slide to the right or left - only start when the playhead has reached the last 20% of the transition's length.

This is true regardless of the transition's length, which is painfully clear when you look at both of my examples.

In the first example, the lenth of each transition was a half of a second, but the actual effects of the "Slide Right" and "Slide Left" started playing when the transition was 80% over, causing the actual sliding of the text to take a few milliseconds instead of the whole half-second.

In the second example, the length of each transition was 4 seconds, but the actual effects of the "Slide Right" and "Slide Left" started playing when the transition was 80% over, causing the actual sliding of the text to take just under 1 second instead of the whole 4 seconds.

Here's a visual representation of how these are supposed to work:

But here's a visual representation of they actually work:

Additionally, despite NOT using the ones labelled "Slide Right - Elastic" and "Slide Left - Elastic", these have the added effect of "snapping into place" which is not part of the intended effects. The accurate name for these four transitions are:

Slide Right - Elastic

Slide Right - Slightly Less Elastic

Slide Left - Elastic

Slide Left - Slightly Less Elastic

This fatal flaw makes my edit - and by extension all sliding edits - impossible, and I'd like a solution or a workaround if possible.
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Just use keyframes and position control on the text box, no canned slide transitions at all, can do whatever speed and/or delay as you wish.

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Not sure why you're using transitions on titles.

The Title Designer has many different types of in- and out- animations, and you also have full control over when each animation starts and ends - each independent of the length of the title itself

Spend some time tweaking this and you'll be able to exactly match any timing:

If you need to do any 'elastic' movement and you don't see a suitable title animation, so can add some position keyframes once the animation has finished.
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This seems to be closer to what I'm looking for, but not exactly - one issue prevents me from using this:

- Two of the things I need to slide in are pictures which do not have the Title Designer option, meaning I must use the same Slide Left and Slide Right for them, and given the issue I've described, that means they'll be timed incorrectly whereas the text will be timed correctly. Specifically the green logo and the "UnlimitedJC's" text need to slide in the exact same way at the exact same time. I looked around title designer for a way to attatch pictures to animations, but I don't see it if it exists, which is what I'll need.

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