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When I use audio editor, my audio winds up sounding scrambled. Can someone help? (Mac version)
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Mr E [Avatar]
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I have PowerDirector 365 for the Mac. When I alter an audio's pitch or tone using the audio editor, it often plays back scrambled. This has destoryed lots of my current vidoes because when I played it as a stand alone clip, it was fine, only to later find out when I play it as part of the overlal video, it scrambles. It has been this way for nealry a year, but its gotten to the point when I can't continue like this. It's not an update problem because it has persisted for quite a while. Its not my computer either, given that its new.

Can someone help me figure out a fix to this? I know the Mac version seems to be much buggier that the PC version ever was. But if someone can help me address this, I'd appreciate it.
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I haven't heard another user having this problem, so it's hard to make a suggestion. It's probably best that you contact CyberLink Customer Support and include a packed project file where this happens so they can test.

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