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Making an editable table in PD365
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Dave_HDMV [Avatar]
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I have a series of videos that require an editable table that I can reuse in multiple videos. Think of a 3 column by 15 row 'excel' like table that would need the following features.
  • Able to add or remove rows
  • Able to manage the lines around each cell (color, style)
  • Able to highlght the text and the lines in a specific row
    (ie the table would be tracking along with the video. As I progress along in various stages, I would like to highlight the active row similar to this. Ideally I would like to be able to control color of the text along with the lines above and below the higlighted row)

LeftOn Maple St
RightOn Main St
LeftOn Sunnyside Dr
RightOn Oakdale Way

As I have multiple projects, whatever format this table is in I would like to be able to import into new projects and reuse.

I've spent too much time trying to research this.

Time for some MVP Advice. Thanks. Dave
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The easiest way I can think of to do this is to create the table frame in any image editing program and make it the largest size (max rows + max columns) you think you'd need, then save it as a transparent PNG and import it into PD.

You'd then use the Mask Designer to cover up all the unneeded area, and you'd change that as needed for each project.

The text could be made using the Title Designer, where you'll have full control over font, size, color, and other characteristics. You could create an individual title for each word, or have multiple entries in a single title, depending on your personal preferences.
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