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Power Director 365 - Uploading to YouTube
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tuneman59 [Avatar]
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Hello, I just installed Director Suite because for the past two months I have been unable to upload to Youtube with my PD18. I tried again today after what seemed like a sucessful download but I cant get past the Pruction screen. The permissions window comes up andthats it. I click on it to continue and I get nothing. I checked to see if there was a patch and thought I found one on Cyberlink website. It also failed and said I didn't have the right version. Any help would be so greatly appreciated before I flip my lid! I have always loved and enjoyed my past versions of PD. Not so much these days! thanks, Dale

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This seems to happen from time to time because YouTube updates its API connection, which then requires a patch update to get the new API to fix it. It should be sorted by the next PDR 365 release. You can confirm with CyberLink by contacting them:

In the mean time, just export your project as an MP4 video file and then manually upload it to YouTube as a temporary work around.

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The patches are not for the subscription version as that's always updated via the App Manager.

Here's a video that shows what the login process should look like. I didn't embed it here because it's better to watch full screen and you have to be on the YT website to do that.

Once the video is uploaded you should then see this prompt:

Obviously I didn't have any issues with PD365 when I made this video just now, and in the other thread you wrote that PD18 didn't work either so I'd suggest looking at whether you might have an ad-blocker on your browser or maybe a firewall/anti-virus setting that's blocking internet access for PD.

If that's not the case, please tell us exactly where the hang-up occurs. A screen recording like this would be ideal.

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