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New Problem Importing Media Files
Peter13 [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Jan 04, 2015 18:17 Messages: 45 Offline
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When importing media files in PowerDirector, I have always been shown a list of places to import from, including "Desktop" and a list of my drives. Since my videos are easiest to find via shortcuts on my Desktop, this is the method I have used. Now, all of a sudden, when I click on "import media files", I am getting a list that starts with "This PC", then lists my drives, but does not give "Desktop" as a choice, which means I have to go searching through my PC and drives for the video I want.

Is this a new "feature" of Power Director?

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Warry [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Location: The Netherlands Joined: Oct 13, 2014 11:42 Messages: 853 Offline
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Playing around with the PD import I see the following:
- PD shows and opens the folder from which media was imported a previous time
- PD sets and shows this folder in the preferences/file tab at the top: import folder
- User can set the import folder in the preferences
- The folder screens that opens when PD import is invoked is apparently a true Windows screen, the settings of which are apparently determined and defined at Windows level.

E.g. if you set in Windows that the Desktop “folder” is to be shown in the left top row, when selecting or opening or saving a file, then Desktop needs to be defined or set to “Pin to quick access” this setting (like unpinning) can be done in the menu that opens with the right mouse button.

If a folder (or Desktop) is pinned in the quick access list (left top row), then it will also show when one invokes the PD Import function.

Somehow, your quick access list has been reset or changed. And maybe this has something to do with PD, but I think, more likely with a change or upgrade etc at Windows level.

I would recommend trying to pin the Desktop in the quick access list in the Windows folder screen, (open a windows folder, move to your Desktop folder, in c:\users\%username%\ , right click and in the opened menu click Pin to Quick Access. And see what happens when you open import in PD).

BTW: In the folder screen, pinned folders have a small pin behind their name. And: you can change to order of the pinned folders by simply moving them up or down…
Let us know whether this helps!
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