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Laptop recommendations
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NHunter6 [Avatar]
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Current HP laptop is too slow and cannot keep up with editing 4k video and even some regular HD video. I have been told how great Macs are but i would like to stick to a Windows setup. Any reccomendations on a laptop that can handle 4k editing without rendering (which that doesnt work half the time either)? Im not a professional or anything, just a simple hobby editing videos looking for an upgrade. Any info helps. Keep it simple, im not very tech avy lol. Thank you!
Warry [Avatar]
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Questions like this, and the answers can lead to huge discussions. But I will give it a try.

It is always easy to define a PC or laptop for video editing: buy the latest model with the fastest parts you can afford. The faster the laptop is, the smoother the editing will be.
First of all, have a look at the minimum specs for PD here (
But to give some general rules of thumb:
- PC is usually better than laptop, you get better/faster value for your money and it has more room for extra hardware should you need it.
- CPU: look for a model that is not older than 1 year, newer is better; if Intel always go for a i7 or a i9 processor
- Memory: at least 16Gb, 32 Gb would be better.
- Disks: go for an SSD M.2 model, PCIe 4.0 would be ideal, and at least 1Tb large, video files are large. Your secondary disk(s) are SSD or can be HDD disks
- A good GPU, graphics card would be ideal, but PD does not use that extensively for all its work
- The screen size would be 17”. This can be smaller if you go for an external display, but I guess you are looking for a laptop for a reason. The screen resolution ideally is 4K as well, but a 1 or 2k would also do.

Hope that this helps.
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