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setting track markers
BSMan [Avatar]
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Just purchased Audio Director and I can't find any information about how to set up track markers (as well as labeling info about each track like title of song, performer, etc). This is a basic requirement for me, both for converting older recordings (like of a record or tape), identifying the beginning and end of each song, entering the title/performer/etc about each song, and finally producing a separate file for each song (as well as one for the entire set of edited songs). Basically it amounts to editing a recording, then setting up a separate track for each song as if I were going to make a CD, but instead just creating a separate file for each song.

This has been easy to do with the audio editing software I've used in the past (mainly Samplitude), but I can't find any useful references in the help/manual.
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Welcome to the AudioDirector forum. Let me see if I can provide you with the info you are looking for.

Not sure if you are using the Mix room only or not, but here are some link:

Track markers are called "timeline markers" in AudioDirector. Not sure if they are the same thing to you:

In the Mix room you can label tracks with colour, and also click on the track name "Track 1, Track 2, etc." to enter details about the audio file on that track. Find more info in the Using the Mixing Tools section on this help page:

That should get you started. Let me know if I missed something.

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BSMan [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Dec 17, 2021 13:37 Messages: 24 Offline
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The links you provided do not provide the functionality I'm looking for. Basically I'd like to load an audio file (for example, a recording of a record) and load it into the edit window and do the following after applying any necessary noise reduction operations. I'll discuss this as if I will be creating a CD, but these days it's really to create a separate file (WAV or MP3) of each song that was on the original record.

1. Identify the beginning of each track. If necessary the space between the beginning and end of each song can be trimmed.

2. Identify the album title, title of the song, and performer(s).

3. Output a file for each track in selectred format (WAV, MP3) using the song title for the name and also saving the metadata for playback on equipment that will display it.

Even when clicking on the CD creation from the file menu, these do not seem to be functions that are available. With all of the noise cleanup functions listed for Audio Director, this basic operation does not seem to be readily available.
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