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Just downloaded the free version of Powerdvd 22 - How Long do I get? Can I upgrade from 16?
Charlie030 [Avatar]
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My son is staying over, so we have been watching loads of films. Usually I just buy them off of Amazon, because my old bluray collection is a pain to watch, as I cannot stand having to plug in an external drive, waiting a couple of minutes for the menus to load... and then having the danger of having dust on the disk and having to restart the film halfway through, and take another 10 minutes to find where we were.

Basically Blurays are a generally awful experience if there is a problem... despite the awesome picture quality.

So I was about to order Alien 3 (for probably the 5th ort 6th time) on Amazon, when I realised they only had the original release, and not the assembly cut. So I managed to find my old Anthology release, and the realised my "new" PC had no bluray capable software.

SO in a desperate rush to get it working I downloaded PowerDVD22 free version and it actually worked like a charm. Now I was not really paying attention too much, but I gather that the free version will expire (I dont remember it saying that, but it must do at some stage)?

So how long or how many plays do I have?

Thing is, I have found my old Powerdvd 16 Ultra licence, and the original download key, so I might redownload this anyway (unless I can use the key to activate 22)?

The other thing being that I probably wont play a dvd again for another 5 or 6 years... but hey...
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The trial limitations are outlined here, under Download Info:

Looks like Blu-ray playback will last for 30 days. There is no upgrade path from version 16 available, just for versions 20 and 21:

PowerDVD moderator Please direct any sales or technical issues to CyberLink's customer support team:

Sales or installation related issues:

Software technical issues:
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