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Drone Video Clip will not Play On Chromecast
prevaljo [Avatar]
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I have a question and I am not sure where to ask it. I do a little bit of drone videography for fun. The raw drone footage (4K 30fps MP4) plays well in PowerDVD 22 but will not play on a Chromecast Ultra to a large TV using PowerDVD to stream it. However, the same raw drone footage can be viewed in VLC and VLC can stream (render) the video clip to the Chromecast Ultra with no problem. Same PC, same router, same network, same Chromecast.

In an attempt to resolve the problem I processed the raw 4K video clip in Power Director as a 1920x1080 clip rather than a 4K clip in the hope that changing the format would make it playable, but it was still unplayable on the Chromecast.

So my question comes down to what is unique about the video format from the drone that VLC modifies and Cyberlink products don't.

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QC2.0 [Avatar]
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"The raw drone footage (4K 30fps MP4)" could be encoded in a broad range of encoding format combination.

If you re-exported the video via powerdirector, the produced video is already in a new format. I'm wondering if it is still the case that drone video clips are not played on chromecast.

Can you cast other non-drone videos from powerdvd to your chromecast?
What kind of error or problem you saw when you started the casting.
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