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How best to approach combining clips of widely differing frame rates
meerkat [Avatar]
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Okay, so I have 25 individual video clips of grandchild, taken at various times by different people on different devices, between 2018 and 2022.

What I'd like to do is to put them all on a single blu-ray, somehow or other (whether each in its own video file per occasion - such as birthday, christmas, etc - or individually in single or groups of one, two or three clips that were taken in succession.)

Here are the resolutions and frame rates that I'm faced with. They are also a mix of portrait and landscape orientations but honestly, that's the least of my problems here, LOL

(the following info is from MediaInfo per file)


Two clips are 175 x 144
One clips is 320 x 430
Four clips are 720 x 1280
Eighteen clips are 1920 x 1080

Frame rates:

Two clips are at 10 fps
One clip is at 15 fps
One clip is at 29.672 fps
One clip is at 29.886 fps
One clip is at 29.970 fps
Eight clips are at 30.000 fps
One clip is at 59.289 fps
One clip is at 59.940 fps

Faced with this crazy assortment of resolutions and frame rates, any suggestions on how best to approach putting them on a single disc? It has to be on either blu-ray or a double sided DVD (blu-ray preferred) because several of the people who would be getting the resulting disc don't even own a computer, but they do have either a DVD player or blu-ray player.

I downloaded a trial copy of Topaz Video AI earlier today because I do want to see if anything at all can be done with those seven less-than-1920/1080 clips which, as you can imagine, are pretty awful. The two lowest quality ones are also the 10 and 15 fps clips. The 1280/702 clips are at least close to 30fps, which seems to be the frame rate to kind of aim for. (the two that are close to 60 fps are the ones I took with a GoPro and with an iPhone, respectively.)

Suggestions? Ideas? Thanks!

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PowerDirector Moderator [Avatar]
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Quote Okay, so I have 25 individual video clips of grandchild, taken at various times by different people on different devices, between 2018 and 2022.............................

Suggestions? Ideas? Thanks!


I don't think there's an issue with the 29.6-59.9 fps clips, other than PDR might have an issue with variable frame rate files typically from smartphones, but I'm not sure what can be done about the 10 and 15fps lo-res clips.

Any issues with VFR clips from smartphones can usually be solved by running them through handbrake or similar to convert to constant frame rate.

With the lo-res clips, perhaps the principle of "if you can't hide it, make a feature of it" comes into play? Play them in a small TV screen or looking through a window or on a car window or a head up display or whatever fits the visual themes??

Not sure even Topaz will be able to work with 175x144 but worth a try!

Others may have alternative thoughts.

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meerkat [Avatar]
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Coincidentally, I downloaded the trial version of Topaz the other day just to see if it could do anything with those two worst clips. They are both in .3GP format, so I first ran them through VLC to convert them to .MOV (discovered that not all conversion options retained the audio, but .MOV did.)

For some reason, Handbrake refuses to launch for me (Windows 10). I can install it but when I try to launch it, it tells me that I am missing a driver that my computer DOES indeed have - but that Handbrake apparently can't "see". I've tried uninstalling and re-installing Handbrake but it gives me that error message every time. However, VLC does work.

So I brought the converted files (as MOV) into the Topaz trial version. Topaz doesn't even recognize a native frame rate of 10 or 15, but "thought" that the original frame rate was in the 20s. Also, some of the conversion models eliminated the audio (had to select Transcode in the audio option.) But as far as improving the footage, Topaz could do absolutely nothing. No real surprise, I guess.

As long as I had the trial version, I also tried it on a clip of an old garden video from 1988 which had been converted to .MP4 and has a resolution of 352 x 240 at 30 FPS. Clip is a bit less than 4 mins long, and I tried upscaling it to 1920 x 1080 at the same frame rate. Topaz took almost 2 hours to do that, and introduced so many artifacts that the result would be unwatchable on a tv-size screen. Was bad enough on a 17" desktop monitor, lol.

Topaz is probably awesome at upscaling SD or HD footage to either FHD or 4K, but it's clear that there's simply not enough data for it to work with if confronted with footage that is lower than 640 x 480. Which is understandable.

As for my compilation project, it looks like either 29.970 or 30 is probably the frame rate to aim for. One of those two clips that are just under 60 FPS is, as per Murphy's Law, by far the longest: almost 27 minutes (the other is only four minutes; different occasion.) Going to be a lot of dropped frames if it has to go from 59.940 to 29.970 and of course because it's a birthday event, the audio is important.

This is the first time I've had to deal with footage from multiple sources rather than footage that I've all shot myself on the same equipment (either a camcorder, a DSLR, or a GoPro) throughout each project and always in landscape orientation. This is because I've only recently (as in last month) acquired a phone that has a halfway decent camera (iPhone), lol. I still prefer a "real" camera though, to be honest. Guess I'm the outlier, lol

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