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Screen recorder custom size
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Hello. I have the latest version of SR but seem to be having trouble with the custom selection. I don't use it much, so I may be ignorant of something silly.

I want to record scrolling down a web page with a window 1343 x 975 pixels as shown in the attached picture. The frame has been set using the custom selection, however when previewing it (shown lower right), it is sizing the output as a 'wide' format, i.e., the capture selection is there plus black bars down either side to 'fill out' the window.

I'm trying to lay my selection over another video, but these these bars are present on the output video from SR. It's the same if I choose Lock To App and the app I'm recording isn't itself the full height and width of the screen - it's lost in the middle of a black border.

Is this just how SR works whereby anything squarer gets a black border added?

[Thumb - PD.png]
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That's normal, as SR will use a 16:9 frame based on the Video resolution setting, and will only fill one axis unless the aspect ratio of the custom window is also 16:9.

When you place the video on PD's timeline to edit, simply use the Chroma Key tool in the PiP Designer to make the black borders transparent. If you have black content in the middle of the window, you'll want to apply a mask to keep that from disappearing, too.
Newbie Joined: May 09, 2021 15:10 Messages: 2 Offline
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Thanks. I thought that might be the case. I did try the chroma key, but there was black content that it fouled up. I wasn't aware of masks - I'll have to have a play with how those work!
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