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creating YouTube videos with the creator in a corner box
JoeZ99 [Avatar]
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I see countless YouTube videos (my favorites are Ukraine war and UFO videos)- where the creator is shown in a corner box while they are viewing all sorts of documents and even videos- even live videos on YouTube and other sites.

I have PD 17 and can't see how this can be done with that program. I do see how it can be done with the Zoom program but in a simplistic way. The YouTube sites I watch seem to have all sorts of tricks with their videos. I'm wondering how they're doing this. Perhaps some are just using Zoom? Or, are they using high end video editing programs?

Can this sort of thing be done with PD 21?

I've posted messages on Zoom's support site and on YouTube's support site with no response.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about- a Ukraine war commentator:

I really like this idea of putting myself in a corner box- so I can explain what I'm looking at on my PC desktop. I've made some videos in the past where I'd add a voice overlay but I prefer to be in a box so people can see me while I'm talking.

Joe Z
PowerDirector Moderator [Avatar]
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You posted the same question last month in the previous version forum and we gave you the answer. Not sure why you are posting again:

Use Screen Recorder and then edit in PowerDirector. It will do exactly what you are asking.

PowerDirector Moderator

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