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PD18 DVD titles are somehow inflated??
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popopplio [Avatar]
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So I'm working on a DVD that holds multiple titles/ videos. I've done the math already to make sure everything fits : there's 17 videos all roughly 200 MB each (and should be about 3400 MB total) and have a total runtime of 195.5 minutes. I plan to burn this onto a spacious 8.5 GB DVD which should be more than enough to fit everything, right?

Wrong apperently! Each video is buffed up to ~ 950 MB each and the grand total for the disc becomes nearly 15000 MB! Even with enabling Smart Fit the disc just barely overflows with the total being around 8570. I decided to test this further by compressing one of the meatier titles to a teeny 16 MB but PowerDirector still infaltes that to 922 MB. The other 2D DVD settings are almost untouched (16 : 9 aspect ratio, MPEG-2 (and that's the only option listed,) and LPCM audio with 2 channels) I'm sure there's something I'm missing but what??

Any answer or leads would be great, thank you
PowerDirector Moderator [Avatar]
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What is the format of the original 17 videos? I am assuming they may be MP4?

When you burn to a DVD, they must be converted to the DVD video format (MPEG-2), which will increase the size of each video file. This could be what you are seeing, as MPEG-2 is an older video compression format.

If you just want the video files on a DVD, you can consider using Power2Go to put them on a data disc.

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