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Joined: 15/12/2009 20:51:19
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I have searched, and noticed that some of you use this device.

The version of PD7 I have:
PowerDirector DE

I have installed the device, upgraded to the latest drivers, and it does show up in my Device Manager as a USB 2860 Device, under "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers"

Driver date : 8/12/2009
Driver version: 5.9.721.812

This is running on a AMD based PC running XP Pro SP3.

The device is recognized by Windows Movie Maker, but for some reason it is not recognized (or I don't know what I'm doing), in PD7. My list of capture devices are Webcam, Microphone, DVD/AVCHD camcorder.

I have a Webcam, so I assumed the KWORLD would be the DVD/AVCHD camcorder, yet everything I try won't allow me to capture from the device (I am trying to transfer Hi8 movies into mpeg2).

Any ideas, or help would be greatly appreciated.


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Dafydd Bevan - SoftDeko

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I don't have a Hi8 camera.

You'll have to treat the connections as being for a VHS etc device. RCA/SVideo connect. Click Play on your recorder and click record on the software.

PD7 does not support Hi8 cameras directly so the workaround may work.


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Joined: 15/12/2009 20:51:19
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Thanks for the answer...I don't think it's the hi8 camera that's causing the problem. I think that PD7 isn't recognizing the KWORLD USB device. Since I'm using s-video and the two cables out of my Sony camcorder, I would have thought that as soon as I attached and started up PD7, it would have recognized the capture device, but it doesn't. The only choices I had were webcam (I have a Logitech webcam), DVD/AVCHD Camcorder, or PC microphone.

When you attach your KWORLD device, what type of capture device does it show up as in PD7 for you?

James W

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When I used to use PD7 I also used a KWORLD USB device with my Hi8 camera. I never had a problem capturing my video with either the S-video or RCA connection. The green light on the device would turn on when active in PD.

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